Florida’s cell phone and TV tax is a heavy burden on Florida families. Currently, Floridians pay a state cell phone and TV tax, also known as the communications services tax (CST), rate of 9.17 percent on commercial landlines, cell phone and cable services, and a back-breaking 13.17 percent on satellite services.

Governor Scott’s “Keep Florida working” Budget will cut the cell phone and TV tax (CST) rate by 3.6 percent and will save money for Florida families and businesses that use commercial landlines, cell phone, cable, and satellite services. For every $100 spent on a monthly cell phone and TV bill, $43 is saved annually. If approved by the Florida Legislature, Governor Scott’s tax cut proposal will save Floridians an estimated $470 million annually on the cell phone and TV tax.

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Comparison chart before and after Governor Scott's tax cut for consumers.

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Watch Governor Scott present the Cell Phone and TV Tax Cut proposal to Florida families and businesses around the state.

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